JAMBON AND POULET RIZ (Ham and Chicken Jambalaya)


 3 pound chicken (may substitute 2 pound deboned skinless chicken thighs)

1 pound ham steak, cut into ½ inch pieces

1 pound smoked sausage, cut into ¼ inch slices

5 celery ribs

1 large yellow onion

1 bell pepper

1 can diced tomatoes, 14 ounce

2 tbsp celery seed

1 tsp cayenne

3 tbsp black pepper, ground

2 tbsp garlic, minced

2 tsp sweet basil, chopped

1 tsp paprika

2 bay leaves

4 cups chicken stock

1 cans beer (I use pilsner, your choice)

1 ½ cups Delta Belle White Rice

1 cup green onions, chopped

Additional black pepper and cayenne for seasoning to taste

Oil for frying chicken


Heat oil in large skillet or Dutch oven. Sprinkle black pepper and cayenne on chicken, then brown on all sides in skillet. Remove and set aside. Brown ham in skillet, then remove and set aside. Brown sausage in skillet, then remove and set aside.
Sauté garlic, celery, bell pepper, and onion in skillet until onion start to become translucent. Add tomatoes, celery seed, sweet basil, paprika, and bay leaves. Simmer for 10minutes.
Add cooked chicken, ham, and sausage, blending well. Add chicken stock and ½ of beer. Bring to boil, stir rice in, and reduce to simmer. Check for seasoning, and add more to suit taste. Continue simmer for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally; at this point rice should be cooked. If jambalaya becomes too thick, stir in just enough beer, stock, or water so that dish will not readily run off large spoon.
Serve immediately, garnished with green onions.