Our Resume' and Philosophy

Our family has had presence in America since 1650, and our present family is the latest in an unbroken generational string of farmers who date back to 1742 when John Raulston farmed in Augusta County, Virginia. Generations since have sown seeds yielding over 270 consecutive crops throughout the South.

As a 10th generation farming family, we, with son Lawrence and daughter Abbey, live on the bayou in the most charming of Mississippi’s small towns-- Sumner. . We are the latest of generations instilled with a reverence of nature and farming by their parents. We combine that reverence of each on our farm, Twobrooks.  While ours is primarily a rice farm, we also grow Non-GMO soybeans and manage several acres of woodlands, lakes, bayou and river frontage meandering through and about our place for the benefit of wildlife and plants growing there. 

As farmers, we work diligently with our land to protect a future that is not our own.  We enjoy success primarily due to our realization that we must be good stewards of this earth while we work to produce your food.  Our family's awareness of our place in the planet's natural order begets our philosophy that we should tread softly over this planet in order to maintain balance in our lives and in nature so that subsequent generations can enjoy our world’s grace and bounty.  It is ingrained in us to make the most of the least, and to work with and through nature to produce food for those that rely on our efforts.

We understand mankind’s need for sustenance now and in the future.  Our population numbering 1 billion in 1800 has swollen to over 7 billion today, and will likely exceed 9.5 billion in 2150.  With that knowledge, today’s challenges in feeding mankind are evolving into tomorrow’s daunting task.

How do we arrive at balance between maintaining our earth and feeding its citizens?  Some advocate the use of technology and modern farming techniques, while others assert that we must organically grow our food.  Each system offers advantages and faults.  Regardless of subscription, humanity must collectively acknowledge their needs are intricately intertwined with resource limitations and ecological and environmental requirements, and work with those circumstances to produce their food.

 On our farm, we strive to strike balance between understanding and maintaining the intricate workings of our planet's nature and providing for the caloric needs of its citizens.  We daily employ our education earned in classroom and field along with observations made in the field and of our natural surroundings.  The sum of these experiences is expressed in the unique way we grow our crops--your food.  We purposefully attempt to produce as many environmentally safe, wholesome calories possible per acre in conjunction with our environment, not to its exclusion.  We have learned on our farm that if you yield to the nudges of Mother Nature, she will reward your efforts with multiple dividends.  We combine good soil, seed, common sense practices, and nature’s many contributions to make a crop.  In setting our farm's goals at sustainable and beyond, our brand of permaculture regenerates our land and ecosystem, and our planet and humanity are the beneficiaries of our policy.

Distilled, we combine our resources with what we take from nature to feed you, and we give back to nature to produce more for each.