The Seed We Grow-The Grain You Eat

When you enjoy a serving of our single estate rice grown on Two Brooks Farm, please know that each kernel was planted, cultivated, ripened, threshed and winnowed, milled, and packaged on our farm before it was delivered to you.  It is truly small batch milled nature to table food; pure, wholesome, healthy, and thoughtfully produced.

We select seed in accordance with their performance in nature, for your health, on your plate, and on your palate.  These seed are non-GMOs and their genesis is from Mendelian-like field studies, not laboratory synthesis.  These are time tested hardy growing older varieties that thrive in our Mississippi conditions  and possess health traits, cooking qualities, genetic purity, and are splendid tasting.  These seeds take root in our rich soil and are finely tempered in unrepentant Mississippi humidity, conditions from which our rice takes its character that are perfect for producing perfect table rice seed after seed, field after field.   That "something extra" you taste in our rice comes from stem ripening, our terroir of rich soil and dynamic climate, and through our unique cultivation of our rice. For those concerned with health, much of the rice we produce possesses higher amylose content than most other long grain rice varieties, and all medium and short grains.  Research indicates consumption of such with their associated lower glycemic indexes result in elevated glycemic control through lower glucose loads.  This benefits all, and especially diabetics.

We favor long grain rice seed that is smaller than the industry average.  They possess quality milling and cooking traits in white or brown form.  When milled and polished, these seed are translucent with a minimum of chalkiness and breakage that causes uneven cooking and textural problems.   Our premium rice must look great on your plate, and be distinguished on your palate.

For agronomic and environmental reasons, we choose seed that has strong capacity for germination without fungicide and insecticide treatments, as our seed are sprinkled into water that can't risk contamination.  The seed must have strong growth habits and must reproduce profusely, as we often host large flocks of feeding waterfowl in the spring that do part of our weeding but also eat some of our seed.  We seek seed with inherent strong disease resistance as we use no foliar fungicides.   It must produce well with limited nitrogen sources.  As we frequently have strong winds or suffer hurricane’s buffeting effects near harvest time, we seek seed producing a hardy plant that doesn’t easily lodge. 

All seed we sow on our farm are Non-GMOs.  This includes soybeans and corn that are planted on the small amount of land dedicated to the crops, well as all wildlife food plots and cover crops.  None of our equipment is ever in contact with GMOs, a final step we take to ensure against cross contamination.  While there are positive contributions GMOs can make to our environment, there are plenty of people that choose to avoid those crops and products generated from them.  We cater.

Our small on-farm rice mill is situated among the fields your single estate rice is grown.  The rice is trait preserved, and there is no varietal co-mingling.  If you take the notion, we can drive you to the field your rice called home!  There is no possibility of contact with possible allergenic products such as soy, nuts, wheat, corn, etc.-the mill is housed in a structure dedicated to rice that is kosher certified, highly sanitary, and rodent free.  Our system ensures we are able to deliver rice with health and ecological benefits directly from our farm, through our mill, and on to your table.