Our Story & Mission

What do you want from your food?   What do you want for your environment?  For mankind?  Surely, the best!

Two Brooks Rice is rooted in conservation and grows in excellence.  It is single estate rice ecologically grown in the boondocks of Deep South's Mississippi Delta, mindful of the needs of an exponentially increasing human population. Our family believes you should not have to choose between the needs of nature and those of mankind, and our unique rice cultivation system conscientiously attends each by balancing nature with needs. We farm with the nature's rhythm, lending to and taking from nature to put whole, healthy, glycemic friendly, non glutinous, non GMO food on your table.

We conservatively use the many inputs nature allows us--rich soil and our unique on-farm ecological system with its numerous advantages--and a minimum of manmade inputs to produce our rice. We take a low tech approach to address many highly visible problems confronting our environment and humanity. Our rice yields comparably to conventionally grown rice with fewer environmental costs, and matches or exceeds many of the advantages of organic rice without the disadvantages of generally lower yields and the corresponding requirements more of earth's scarce land and water resources to offset the system's diminished production. We don't simply grow our ecological rice for the benefit of humans: We cultivate our rice for the sake of humanity, environment, and planet. Our products are knit with nature.

At Two Brooks Farm, it is our goal to supply you with the finest, freshest, tastiest, and most thoughtfully grown long grain rice available, while helping improve our planet using our methods of growing that rice.



We farm for the love and livelihood of it. We realize there is an increasing burden on all farmers on our planet to grow sufficient foodstuffs for a burgeoning human population, as well as save our planet’s soils, waters, ecological balance, and other resources for the benefit of generations to come. With these sentiments, challenges, and ideals in mind, we intend to thoughtfully and conscientiously grow as many quality calories possible at the least possible expense to our planet’s great natural resources of soil, water, air, and space. These are our obligations to humanity and the nature we are all a part of.