This is the basic middlins recipe I started using years back when, much to my chagrin, I discovered that my antique Engelberg Rice Huller was more capable of generating grits than it was whole kernels from the paddy rice I inputted. With those grits I learned one could originate a meal in half the time required of whole grain rice, and that the middlins absorbed flavors more readily than whole kernels did. To boot, their inherent texture was preferable in some dishes. They make a quick easy breakfast, but their strong suit is this quick, simple, basic risotto.


1 cup Original Mississippi Middlins or Missimati Middlins Rice Grits (one can use white or brown grits; see method #3 for different cooking times)

2.75 cups chicken stock, perhaps another ¼ cup to finish (can substitute up to ¼ of liquid with white wine)

1 tbsp olive oil or butter

¼ cup of cream

½ cup good Parmesan cheese

Option additions –diced sweet peppers, oven dried tomatoes pack in oil, mushrooms, sweet onions, etc


In skillet, bring broth to boil, add oil and grits.

Keeping a moderately brisk simmer, stir once per minute.

White rice grits will thicken in about 8-10 minutes, brown rice grits will thicken in 15-18 minutes. Thick enough is when one’s spoon dragged on bottom of pan leaves a clean spot that fills slowly back in with grits.

Stir in options, if any.

Stir in cream, then parmesan. Brown grits may need to rest covered 3-5 more minutes, depending on preferred texture.